Thursday, May 31, 2012

100 Cards in 100 Days

A week or so ago, I found a post by fellow A Muse Consultant Mindy where she challenged herself to make 100 cards in 100 days using only things she had in her stash.  This called to me on many levels:

1.   I could probably make many more than 100 cards without buying another thing
2.  I could use a little motivation to create more consistently to help with #1
3.  I could step up my contributions to Operation Write Home. 
4.  I could get a head start on Christmas cards - let's not discuss the chaos that was last Christmas and the guilt I felt about buying cards (see # 1 again)
5.  If  I use up some of my stuff, I can justify buying more stuff.

So I'm in.  100 cards in 100 days.  June 1 through September 8th - that's all summer long, people!  If you'd like to join in the fun, check out this thread on SCS and let's see how far we get! 


Elaine said...

Hi Kay,
Well , I’m back and I have the rest of today free so as to catch up on everyone’s creations since I have been away refurbishing my old house.
I adore reading the blog’s and looking at all the lovely cards and projects, almost as much as making the cards myself.
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog , its so nice to keep in touch.
Gosh you are in for a challenge 100 in 100 days..... mmm I like shopping too much im afraid.
Your cards lately are fabulous , I adore the place cards the colours are so soft and pretty.Your "my cup of tea" , "happy heart" and "smile " cards are all stunning Kay
Great work well done ,
Hugs Elaine

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the 100in100 challenge, can't wait to see what you come up with!

JoAnn Ross said...

I'm in! So far, I'm at three. Only ninety seven more to go! Piece of cake, right? LOL

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