Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Muse Challenge - Dies

I really need to improve my photo taking skills!  And it's not as if I can complain about a lack of sunshine since I live in the sunshine state....  Any tips would be gratefully appreciated :) .

Moving on - the newest A Muse Challenge is to use dies somewhere on your card and with all the great options Amuse has, that's not hard at all.  It's actually much harder for me to make a card without using one of them right now.  This card uses our label die and one of the butterfly trio dies, as well as one of the oval Spellbinders dies, which A Muse also carries.
The cardstock, both plain and patterned, is part of the Venetian Palette collection and the ribbon is fern satin.

I got the idea for the ribbon fold from a card I found on Pinterest.  For some odd reason, one side tucked, folded and glued with no problem, while the other side resisted all my best efforts to get it to behave despite the fact that I used EXACTLY the same method on both sides.  There are no prizes for guessing which side gave me problems, but there is a prize potential if you play along with the challenge, so why not head on over and check it out?


Elaine said...

Hi kay, know what you mean, I have just had to postpone some cards because the darkness is spoiling the photos. May, a lovely crafter had an idea , put 3 white sheets of card on a desk to make a three sided box then put a desk lamp shining into the box, place your card inside and take the photo.
I must get more organised.
Lovely card though... thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I love the colours great work well done
Hugs Elaine

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I lack the camera skills too. I asked for the most point-and-shoot digital camera out there. Something just lacks. I take a lot of my photos outside (Arizona, pretty sunny ya'know) and that helps... um, when I remember to do it before the sun goes down!

I love the two colors of Venetian papers together. I totally did not think of that. Well, now I can't wait to go mix and match them.

Love your overall card design and the ribbon folding is way cool!

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