Monday, January 11, 2010

Kay's Kindle :)

All my life I have loved to read. I love all sorts of books (except the Harlequin romance type books - they just don't do it for me) and I am a very, like clockwork, regular visitor to the local library. There are piles of books all over the house, especially in the places where I am to be found - by my chair, by my bed, in the bathroom...... I drive a lot for work and I listen to audio books to pass the time. I love every thing about books, the smell, the shiny jackets, the feel of the paper - you get the picture!
So for Christmas this year, my DH got me a Kindle! I wasn't sure how I would feel about an electronic book without the book smell, the shiny jacket etc but I am happy to say I am LOVING it. It is so easy to use, I was downloading and reading within minutes. And let's discuss all the FREE books. Amazon has hundreds of free titles which are enough to keep you reading for months and if that weren't enough, I found this really neat blog called Books on the Knob which will alert you to the latest free titles. Since some of titles are only free for a limited time, this is really helpful. I also found the Kindle Books forum which opens up a whole new world of authors and book people.
If there are any other Kindle lovers out there, please share any tips you have or other great sites you may have stumbled across. I don't think I will every give up my books totally, but it is just so easy to hit that one click button and add another book to my library.Smiley from


Dell said...

I saw those advertised. I don't have one or know anyone who does. You will have to enlighten us on how you like it. Enjoy your new tool.

Grace said...

How fun! I had never heard of this! My DH would love this! I hope you continue to enjoy it!!!

Gina said...

This is interesting, my husband asked me if I would be interested in a Kindle and I told him I didn't think so and gave him the exact same reasons you listed. I may have to take a second look!

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