Sunday, January 10, 2010

Freezing in Florida...

.... I know you won't believe me, and those of you in the northern states will be especially skeptical, but it is so unusually cold here in Florida that we have iguanas freezing and falling out of trees for heavens sake! It's all right though because I went shopping today and picked up some new sweaters (because I only own 3 sweaters - I do live in Florida after all) and ordered a jacket from, so the weather will undoubtedly return to normal again. Luckily I have family in Scotland, so I will be able to use all the purchases next time I go over. As we found out last year, even if we plan a summer trip, that doesn't mean gloves wouldn't be useful.

I was going to shop yesterday but it was really, really cold and even the thought of new "stuff" couldn't tempt me off the couch, so I surfed around and found this tutorial on Dawn McVey's blog. How super cute is that? So I made this:

which was okay, but I didn't LOVE it - and I didn't think it looked nearly as cute as Dawn's, maybe because the scallop punch I used was the yellow Marvy one which doesn't have such deep scallops as the SU one she used? Anyway, in a light bulb moment, I decided to try the flower punch I just had to have from The Angel Company and have hardly every used and made this:

which I liked much better, especially after I added some stickles. I also scrunched my layers up tighter and didn't bother with the button.
Which do you like best?


Dawn said...

They look lovely Kay.
Sorry it is cold in FLorida but just think it won't be for long.

Your thermometers will rise where as ours keep low forever.

Planning on booking my next holiday to Florida,just love it so much there.

Erin K said...

I can't pick a favorite of those flowers. I am loving handmade flowers right now and yours rock.

I'm in FL too and it is seriously cold! I mean I love cool weather but this is getting silly.

JazzyH said...

I love them all. It is cold here in GA as well.

Dell said...

Yep. I am a Floridian too and it is pretty cold. I am lovin it though and it will kill off a lot of bugs and mosquitos.

Love both the flowers but think the second one is best. They both look great!

Gina at Gigi's Creative Designs said...

I like the flowers at the bottom of the screen. They all are very pretty tho :)

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