Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

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Over on Splitcoast Stampers, there is a thread all about 2009 Crafting Goals. Here are mine:
1. Use what I have until I have made a sizeable dent in the stash!,
2. Clean out my stamp room so I can find what I have in order to accomplish goal number 1. Sell, donate or trade excess stuff!
3. Make more cards rather than spending so much time looking for inspiration on SCS, on blogs and everywhere, then bookmark all the stuff I like, then never do anything with it.
4. Use those cards to support all those causes (cards for heroes, cards for cancer survivors, cards for sick children) that I always say I will and then never get around to.
5. Finish unmounting those stamp sets I am keeping
6. Make some Christmas cards every month so I actually send hand made cards to everyone next year
7. Learn how to scrapbook digitally.
8. After 3 half hearted attempts, actually work on a blog so i can join in all the cool blogger stuff!9. Squeeze in an extra couple of hours to each day in order to accomplish list.

This blog stuff is harder than it looks - and it's easy to get discouraged when you see all the cool sites out there and can't work out how to make your own look like that, but I am on a mission.

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Chris said...

yippee yeah! I love your goals...and your slide show Kay!! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Do it at your own pace and you'll love it! :)

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