Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Angel Company 50% sale

Smiley from My order is in! (If you don't know what sale I am talking about, scroll down for details) There were a few sets on my wish list that are now on their way to my house...... at these prices, how could I resist? I got:

Glitter Goblins - love Halloween! Loved this set when it came out and resisted......

Seasonal Icons - how cute is this? I can think of lots of uses for this set. Such great value for money and that is always a good thing

Date Discs - another set I have had my eye on for a while now. Lots of potential here too, don't ya think?

Fore - DH is a golfer -'nuff said!! I don't complain too much though as we have an agreement. I don't ask how much he spends on golfing, and he don't ask how much I spend on stamping. Works for me Smiley from

Spooktacular - yip, love Halloween. You can never have too many Halloween sets IMHO Smiley from ........and today I learned how to add these animations to my blog posts. Bet you would never have guessed ? Smiley from


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the info!

~*Joni said...

Oh I love enablers! :D Now I will be multi tasking indeed, commenting on blogs and shopping TAC online! Love your smileys, btw, they are fun indeed. Wonderful blog, I will pop in more often!

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