Monday, January 2, 2017

Thistle Do It!

This stamp is the reason I am a brand new Journey Coach.
I've been looking for a thistle stamp for the longest time.  Although I live (very happily) in Florida, I'm Scottish and the thistle is our national emblem.  Thistle stamps are surprisingly hard to find so when I saw this in the Fun Stampers Journey catalog, I knew it must be mine.  I was also in the market for a new red stamp pad for my Christmas card making and someone had recommended the FSJ Candy Apple red so I added that to the order too, along with a few other things and before I knew it I was right there at a $50 order.
Did you know that a $50 investment can allow you to join Fun Stampers Journey?  It's perfect for people like me who have been stamping for some time and have already gathered some of the things included in the other kits, plus one of the choices of included stamp sets was already on my wish list.  I didn't have to think about that for too long - it's called Crafters Math and I bet you know exactly what I mean!

And since this is such a VIP stamp, here's another version. That little bottle in front looks like it might be nail polish but it's not, it's FSJ silk.  We'll discuss the lusciousness which is FSJ silks on a different day because today is all about the thistle.

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