Monday, October 12, 2009


So I was going to show you some pictures of the Halloween cards I worked on this weekend ( I know - Halloween is so far out of my comfort zone, but I do like to live life on the edge) but I have misplaced my memory card adaptor and so can't get the pictures out of my camera. So instead I'm sharing some pictures of Savannah. We had the best weekend....... I totally fell in love with the city. From the elegant Mansion on Forsyth Park............

.... to the graceful old buildings like these:

From the beautiful squares:

to the fabulous fountains:

and the delicious food:

(Fried Green Tomatoes - it just had to be done, really didn't it?)

I left a small piece of my heart in Savannah. If you ever have the chance to visit, don't hesitate!


Gina said...

Great pictures, looks like a fun trip.

Chris said...

Lovely photos - must have been a great trip! There are so many places I'd love to go, even right here in the US.

Love the new look of your blog - I've been debating 3 columns for a while. Looks good! :)

peggysue said...

Is that an itty bitty you in front of the fountain? Glad you had a good trip!

Stephanie said...

how shabby chic!! glad you enjoyed it :)

Grace said...

Oh this looks like such a fun trip! I hope we can do this one day soon! Thanks for sharing all this fun with us!

katiesniche said...

Wonderful pictures. It's a city I've always wanted to visit, possibly next year! Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

Nice to see what you look like Kay.

I was going to book Fl for Christmas next year but the weather been so cold this year put me off.

WIll book Oct again.


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