Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chirp, chirp!

No card this weekend......... because I got a Cricut Expression this weekend! I've been eying up an electric die cutter for some time now and couldn't decide which of the multitude was the best for me. I did a ton of online research and decided on the Expression. Only time will tell if it was the right decision, but boy, I hope so! I don't spend that type of money on my little hobby lightly but I had come in to a little windfall which made it feel a little better :)
Of course, I had to try to find a space for it in the stamp room - there went an afternoon of my life I I won't get back! Moved everything around and ended up moving it back again because it didn't fit where I thought it would but I managed to get rid of a big bag of trash that was just taking up room so I suppose it wasn't all for nothing!
Then I spent a fair amount of time surfing around looking for blogs/tutorials/tips on how to make the most of my investment. What about you, my friends? Any of you have a Cricut? I'd love some tips if you'd like to share!


weewiccababe said...

oh yeh, I have one of them............ in my dreams. Am jealous beyond belief Kay, but I can't wait to see the results

Elizabeth said...

What can say - I have "issues". I confess - I have an original Cricut and an Expression. Whenever I want to use it though I need to clean off my table (my room is small). I don't use it nearly as often as I should. There are loads of great ideas out there - check out the Cricut message boards - they are very helpful.

Gina said...

Can't wait to see what you create! When I rearrange my craft space I am hoping to find a better place for mine so that I will use it more.

JazzyH said...

Can't wait to see your creations!

Stephanie said...

I do have a Cricut and I think it's a great machine....with that said, I don't find myself using it that much. If I need letters cut out, there's nothin' better than my Cricut. But for a heart, circle, or flower, it's typically easier to grab a punch or my Nesties.

Play around with it, and I'm sure you'll be showing us some FAB creations in no time!!

peggysue said...

No cricut here, but I know what you mean about the investment and not taking it lightly, I felt that way when I bought my wizard . . . and bought more dies and more dies . . . :) Can't wait to see what you will create!

The Mama Monkey said...

I have one and I love it! I use it mainly for scrapbook pages and projects for the kids (Scouts, School posters, etc). I just never think to use it for cards.

There are some amazing links on my sidebar for some good resources. Check them out! Lots of sales right now for $25 carts too! I get all the email SPAM. Somehow they know...LOL

Ladybug Diva said...

Kay! This is Tammy from CHRISTMAS WITH THE CRICUT blog! I just read your comment on Joy's Week2: Layout and I think you are right! It is a sign that your cricut and you are meant to be! It is for people just like you that we made our blog for. We have shown quite a few advanced features with the cricut this week, but hopefully the videos will help make them easier to understand. If you have any questions... please DO NOT HESITATE in emailing me personally! I teach cricut classes locally and am always happy to help a fellow artist out.

BTW: Your cards are beautiful!!! Love love love those copic markers!

Happy cricuting!


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