Monday, April 20, 2009

Lost In Austen

Stamping and such isn't all I do. I also love to read Smiley from millan.netand very much enjoy movies of all kinds (other than gratuitous violence, not so much for those types of movies) I recently found Netflix,something which I'm sure every other movie lover on the planet found forever ago. Something else I will confess is that I am a very accomplished procrastinator....... and this disease seeps into all parts of my life. I don't just put off nasty things, I even put off things I might enjoy. Like joining Netflix. Which leads me neatly back to my original subject of a movie I had never heard of which Netflix suggested for me, that I LOVED. I lost 3 hours of my life to this movie last Friday night Smiley from millan.netand don't regret a second of it. If you like Jane Austen, even a little bit, you will love Lost In Austen. And you didn't even have to join Netflix to get the recommendation......... you're welcome!

1 comment:

kat9 said...

I love movies too and I love the Jane Austin movies. Thanks for the tip.

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