Monday, August 3, 2009

CHA Orlando

I didn't go to CHA even although I live less than 3 hours from the convention center in Orlando. I bought a Circut Expression instead, reasoning that I would spend at least that much, if not more, at CHA because when it comes to papercrafting, I have NO willpower. Smiley from millan.netAnd from what I have read on various blogs, I didn't miss too much apart from crowds, disorganization and no parking spaces. Seems like the organizers of this event seriously underestimated the enthusiasm of crafters although I'm wondering if all the pre-registrations didn't give them at least a small clue as to the numbers who were attending...Smiley from
I did miss out on the chance to meet various stamping people who I only know from the internet but I'm actually not too sad about that either. There is something a little weird about feeling like you know people through their online personalities - especially when those people don't know you back. Smiley from Like don't we all think we know Daven from SCS? Or Jen Balcer? Or Tim Holtz? (yes I know he wasn't there for the open portion of the event but you get my drift, right?) We've seen their pictures, got to "know" them through forum posts and blogs, but I don't really know any of them and for them to suddenly morph in to real people might be too much for me... and if that makes me weird, I'm okay with that too.
Tell you one thing though - that Basic Grey "Eerie" paper has my name all over it. Halloween anyone?

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